Jay joined our team as the IT Manager for the North Western Ontario region in 2024. With his extensive experience and hands-on approach, Jay brings a dynamic skill set to our organization. He began his career as a computer programmer. Still, his desire for a more active role led him to become an IT Specialist with Compugen, where he travelled across Northern Ontario for the past eight years, assisting companies with their technology needs. However, Jay realized that a smaller, family-oriented company like Sarjeants would better fit him.


When Jay is not working, you will likely find him hitting the gym early at 5 am, actively pursuing his fitness goals.

He is also an avid tinkerer and enjoys working with his collection of 3D printers and exploring various electronics projects. Pushing the limits of his drone is another passion of his. In his leisure time, Jay enjoys biking, frequently visiting the Caribbean to soak in its beauty. He eagerly awaits the Spring season’s arrival to enjoy his new motorcycle and further enhance his downtime.