leak detection

Leak Detection

Introduction to Leakage Detection

Promptly detecting propane leaks is crucial to ensuring the safety of individuals and property.

At Sarjeant Propane, we prioritize your safety and want to provide you with the necessary steps to take in case of a suspected propane leak.

It’s essential to be aware of the signs of a leak, know how to respond, and consider preventive measures to protect yourself and your loved ones,

Signs of a Propane Leak

Manufacturers add a strong, rotten egg-like smell to propane to help you detect leaks. If you smell this distinct odour of gas, it could indicate a propane leak. Note that some individuals, such as those with a reduced sense of smell or certain medications, may not be able to rely solely on their sense of smell.
Pay attention to hissing or whistling sounds near propane appliances or cylinders. Unusual noises can indicate a leak and should be investigated promptly.
If you notice dead vegetation or frost on the ground near propane equipment, it could indicate a propane leak. Propane is denser than air and can accumulate in low lying areas, causing vegetation to wither or frost to form.

What to Do in Case of a Leak

If you suspect a propane leak,

follow these necessary safety steps:

Immediately evacuate the premises and ensure everyone else does the same. Leave doors and windows open to allow for ventilation and minimize gas buildup.
Do not use electrical devices, lights, or appliances, as they can create sparks and ignite the gas. Refrain from smoking or lighting matches nearby.
Once you are safe from the property, call 911 or your propane supplier’s emergency line to report the leak. They will provide further guidance and assistance.

Enhancing Safety with Propane Leak Detection

Propane leaks can pose serious risks, but with the proper preventative measures, you can safeguard your home or business from potential dangers.

Here are some essential steps to enhance safety and peace of mind.

Regular Inspections
Propane Leak Detectors
Regular Inspections

It is crucial to schedule regular propane system inspections conducted by qualified professionals. Our team of experts is trained to assess your system meticulously, searching for potential leaks and ensuring that all components function correctly. These routine inspections detect any existing or potential issues and provide the necessary maintenance to keep your propane system operating safely and efficiently. By identifying and addressing concerns proactively, you can prevent hazardous situations and maintain the long-term safety of your propane system

Propane Leak Detectors

We highly recommend the installation of propane leak detectors in your residential or commercial space. These advanced detectors are specifically designed to identify any signs of propane gas leaks swiftly. Equipped with audible or visual alerts, they provide an early warning system, ensuring prompt action can be taken to mitigate risks. Installing propane leak detectors adds an extra layer of protection to your property, prioritizing the safety of your loved ones or employees.


Our team is here to assist you if you suspect a propane leak or have concerns about propane safety.


Our emergency customer service can address your questions and provide reliable propane services.


Prioritize your safety by taking proactive measures and staying vigilant regarding propane handling and maintenance.

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Your safety is our top priority!

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