Terry is an accomplished professional with a proven track record spanning multiple industries. After leading the fabrication team at Modatek (Magna) for numerous years, Terry managed Fire Suppression Technicians at SPI and later worked as an AZ Driver Recruiter for Gardewine. He joined Superior Propane last year and has since transitioned to the Sarjeant Propane team.
As Field Operation Manager in the Thunder Bay market, Terry oversees bulk drivers and service technicians. This demanding role involves managing operations across all Sarjeant Propane locations in Northern Ontario. Terry has played a pivotal role in transitioning the Thunder Bay market from Superior to Sarjeant Propane, showcasing his adaptability and strategic vision.


Terry enjoys various outdoor pursuits outside the professional arena, whether cruising on his motorcycle, the tranquillity of camping or the thrill of hunting and fishing. Not to forget his furry and feathery companions, he has a dog named Whiskey and a couple of charming chickens named Mary Brown and Popeye.