Born and raised in Europe, Ardita brings a global perspective to her role. With a diverse educational background in arts, business, financial accountability, and construction management, she joined Sarjeants in 2023, bringing over a decade of expertise in marketing, branding, sales, PR, and business development. Ardita held significant positions at prominent North American building products and construction companies throughout her career, contributing to their success. With a solid foundation in marketing and a profound understanding of the industry, Ardita possesses a strategic mindset, analytical prowess, and valuable market insights.


Ardita finds inspiration in her travels and exploration of new cultures, infusing that creativity into her work. She values quality time with loved ones and her Maltese dog, Valentino. Health and wellness are essential to Ardita, as she enjoys exercising at her home gym, cooking from scratch, indulging in spa experiences, and pursuing hobbies like painting, reading, and interior design projects. With her vibrant lifestyle and diverse skill set, Ardita continually brings fresh perspectives and a creative edge to her work.